Handmade shoes & Accessories


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Moroccan shoes

Handmade Moroccan shoes, handcrafted by skilled artisans in Morocco. Our handmade shoes are designed and inspired by traditional shoes.

Thaqafah bi color babouche

Loawnayne Babouche

Thaqafah cap to babouche

Caab Babouche

Thaqafah black classic babouche

Aadiy Babouche

Thaqafah thing sandal


Thaqafah bi color full babouche

Shirbeel lownayne

Thaqafah thong sandal


Thaqafah stitched point toe mule

Khataat babouche

Thaqafah babouche tassel loafer

Taasle Babouche

Thaqafah babouche mule

Khataat Babouche

Thaqafah leopard oxford

Broog-Glove shoe oxford

Thaqafah blue brogue

Broog-Glove shoe oxford

Thaqafah green metallic oxford

Broog-Glove shoe oxford

Thaqafah red ankle boots

Babouche boot Da'irah

Thaqafah leopard glove boot

Khuffa-Glove shoe bootie

Thaqafah eggplant babouche boot

Babouche boot 

Thaqafah bi color bootie

Lownayne- babouche bootie

Thaqafah blue loafer

Da`irah-round toe babouche

Thaqafah round toe babouche

Da`irah lownayne babouche